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Business data

  • EUR 7423729 / 2018
  • EUR 1500000 / 2015
  • 75
  • Central/East Europe, West Europe
  • Belarus, Estonia, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Russian Federation
  • Distributor, Producer

Legal data

  1. 50003428811
  2. LV50003428811
  3. 28.01.1999
  4. Bauskas nov., Īslīces pag., Bērzkalni, "Imantas", LV-3901
  5. 2018


Beer production, production of non-alcoholic beverages. 


Beer factory. Beer trade. Beer wholesale. Beer delivery. Live beer.
Classical technology - technology, which provides constant and popular beer taste.
According to classical technologies produced beer, classic beer,
traditional beer, Bauskas beer Premium beer, Special beer, Bauskas dark beer Premium,
Bauskas light beer special, Bauskas dark beer special, Bauskas ancestral beer.
Beverages, Health, Porter, malty, natural apple juice, kvass. Concentrate production.
Health drink, malt. Juice, juices, apple juice concentrates. Brewery,
beer filled in a glass, PET tare, beer in KEG barrels. Glass packaging
is initially washed, then verified on dirt and then filled and corked.
All beer bottling batches are microbiologically tested, to provide
the consumer a qualitative product. Excursions in beer factory, excursion for groups,
excursion for pupils, excursions, individual excursions. Group excursions.
Possibility to buy souvenirs, gifts, cups, glasses, presentation sets.
c. Gifts, souvenirs, cups, glasses, beer souvenirs, presentation kits.
Beer degustation for groups and individually, beer concentrates.
Beverages, beverage production. Draft beer, 30 l metal beer keg with pump.
Production premises for rent up to 300-400m2, warehouse space, warehousing,
territory under protection, warehouse, forklift services. Metalworking services,
metal processing, turning, turner, turner services, parts production to order,
Welding, stainless steel welding, cast iron welding, aluminium welding.
Parts production from metal, milling, miller services. Order delivery,
transport services.

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