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Different flower honey
Beeswax cloths
Bee bread
Propolis in alcohol
Queen-bee royal jelly


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  • EUR 22954 / 2023
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  1. 40203198997
  2. LV40203198997
  3. 05.03.2019
  4. 05.03.2019
  5. Miera iela 95A – 52, Rīga, LV-1013


LTD "Bee Box" is a beekeeping company that produces beekeeping products.

The connection with the world of bees is old, because grandparents Andrejs and Monika Miži were professional and experienced beekeepers in Latvia. In the summers, running around the beehives, listening to grandparents' educational stories about bees and watching how they are cared for and how much good they can give, the continuation of beekeeping in future generations is self-evident.


"Bee Box" offers:

& bull; royal jelly in the form of capsules, • honey of various flowers, • propolis, • in propolis alcohol, • in propolis oil, • bee bread, • beeswax candles,

The product can be purchased in the e-Store section of the website.



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