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"Beta House"

It is a place where experienced specialists help both big and small to cope with various types of psychological and physical difficulties.
In the offer of Beta House, you will find various services for your mental well-being. We are waiting for everyone - big or small, to find together the best way to achieve what we set out to do and feel the joy of what we have accomplished! So that by acting today, everyone creates a better and more successful future for themselves!


"Beta House" services:

Gestalt therapy, psychotherapy
Gestalt therapy is able to help in cases of internal problems of an individual, problems of mutual relations, family, personal growth, psychological trauma, moments when a person is bereaved, loss, problematic dreams or existential questions, in cases of depression, as well as in cases of burnout syndromes or vegetative dystonia and in various other cases.

Sand game therapyAs a child, everyone must have played in the sand by the sea, river or in a sandbox. Let the dry sand fall through your fingers. . . By adding water to the sand, it can be kneaded, sand cakes, mountains, castles, tunnels can be formed. We have memories of how the skin feels dry and warm, cool and wet sand that beckons to work with it. A lump of memories stores feelings along with past dreams, loneliness or joy. . . Art therapyIn art therapy, the creative process and its result are important, as well as reflection and a conversation with the art therapist after the creative process, taking into account everyone's wishes and possibilities.

Our specialists:

  • Aija Bach Velvele Gestalt therapist, psychotherapy specialist, user of sand play therapy method
  • Iveta Yermolajeva Art therapist



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