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Silvasept Strong
Silvasept food supplement
Needle extract
Polyprenol D3
Silvasept Immuno
Silvasept spruce extract


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Feel the power of nature with Biolat®!

Using the knowledge and experience accumulated over the years in the scientific research of biologically active substances and combined with the latest technologies, Biolat®; and everlab®; has been able to combine natural and human ecosystems in the creation of innovative and easy-to-use products. Biolat®; and everlab®; the developed technologies are the result of long-term work, continuing the leading forestry institute of Latvia, Silavapioneering work in needle research and healthcare product development. Innovative products have been created inspired by Latvia's natural wealth with the aim of offering human health and nature-friendly and effective products. Scientists, technologists and doctors have joined together for this joint work. In 30 years of experience and research, the inexhaustible riches of the Latvian forest have been realized, which have given such products as ho-fi® original and Silvasept® product line. The highest quality is ensured in the production process. We use only natural and practice-tested raw materials. Products based on experience and research. The products are obtained from renewable components of the plant kingdom



  • ho-fi® original
  • Silvasept® original, Silvasept® Strong, Silvasept® Immuno, Silvasept® throat spray
  • Poliprenols® D3 original plus in capsules;
  • Poliprenols® D3 in original oil
  • Silbiols®
  • Spruce essential oils
  • Fitoekols® -K 40



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