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Wheat( winter, summer), crops, Birzes ZS
Forage hay, Birzes ZS
Branches, chipping, woodchips, chipping services, Birzes ZS


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Business data

  • EUR 2 472 171 / 2021

Legal data

  1. 48501005090
  2. LV48501005090
  3. 15.06.1992
  4. "Birzes", Vadakstes pag., Saldus nov., LV-3895
  5. 2022


The main occupation of the farm is agricultural production: animal husbandry and grain farming, besides it is engaged in logging and preparation of wood chips. JCB tractor, universal loader.



JCB tractor. Agricultural product manufacturing, trade, trade. Agricultural products: crops, ( winter, summer wheat, barley, oats, triticale, summer, winter rape, rape) . Forage hay, bedding straw. Potato, red, table beets. Logging. Felling removal. Forestry works. Timber carrier, carrier. Chip, chipping, chipping services. Branch chipping, tree branch, wood chipping, chipping material, purchase of branches, purchase. Wood waste, scrap purchasing. Gater scrap, scrap, scraps, woodchip raw material purchase, purchase. Ditch, clearing of bushes, cleaning from overgrown bushes. Special equipment, transportation of forestry equipment( trailer) . JCB tractor, ( universal loader JCB) .