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Alphamachine Minigraf
BDC system nails of medium length
BDC System nails short
BDC system nails
D34 nails
Gas nail guns
Mortice bolts
Modular instruments
pallet table
Pneumatic upholstery table
Pneumatic nailers
Pneumatic screwdrivers
R20 nails
Rapid Clip
Corner connecting equipment
Stift guns
Thermo-adhesive glue guns


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Business data

  • EUR 3240 / 2023
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  • Importer, Distributor

About us

BizeA is an international company that has been operating since 2002. and is the official representative of the German company. We specialize in the wholesale and retail of connecting equipment and pneumatic tools We specialize in the wholesale and retail of connecting equipment and products. We offer only high-quality, reliable pneumatic forging devices and connecting parts, thanks to which your work will become faster, more accurate and more economical. We offer fast, long-term and high-quality warranty and post-warranty service and repair of BEA pneumatic tools.



Pneumatic tools

  • BEA pneumatic and gas forging devices. ALFAMACCHINE equipment for cutting and joining at an angle.

Connecting elements

  • We offer connection details, thanks to which your work will become faster and more accurate.



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