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Ice skate workshop
Skate repair
Sale of skates


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Working time

  • Sun-
  • Mon-
  • Tue1100-1900
  • Wed1100-1700
  • Thu1100-1900
  • Fri1100-1800
  • Sat1100-1500

Business data

  • Service provider, Distributor

Legal data

  1. 40203492766
  2. LV40203492766
  4. LV76HABA0551054878339
  5. 22.06.2023
  6. Brīvības iela 180A, Rīga, LV-1012

Skate service "Blessed Steel" offers:

  • Sharpening( standard and trapezoidal) ;
  • Shaping of skates( standard and individual) ;
  • Riveting;
  • Blade holders change;
  • Blade straightening;
  • Blade profile( of the springboard) creation;
  • Consultation.



Free Wi-Fi, drinking water, WC, free parking, Ice skate workshop: sharpening, profiling, riveting, blade change, thermoforming, blade holders change, blade straightening, consulting, Shop: Howies, ribbons for sticks, stems and shoulder pads, Wax for blackjack blades, Skates strips, Ribbons for foot soldiers, skates covers, helmet screws, Massive blade: blades, different hardness, Rocket grip: Buttocks for Isostar: sports nutrition, skates sharpening, scissor honening, skate master, skates sharpener, slkates blade sharpening, Slider riveting, change of blade holder, blade straightening, slippery heating, slippery thermoforming, slippery press, stepping up profile, field formation, gluing of extension cords, sticks sawing, stick cutting, skates blade sale, skates blades. Slitter grinding equipment Isostar, Massive blade, Black stone, Howies