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Waterproofing of house foundations, basements, pools, for bathrooms,
for terraces, balconies, house foundation, basement, pool, bathroom,
terrace, balcony waterproofing, active polymer PVC, cement-based polymer,
waterproofing system AQUASCUD, polymer - bitumen base, bentonitmal waterproofing Actitex C, active polymerized waterproofing AMPHIBIA,
polymerized cement-based waterproofing PLASTIVO, flat roof waterproofing,
cement-based waterproofing coatings BIMORTAR adhesion,
self adhesive, fusible roll materials, geosynthetics,
geotextiles, geogrids, geomembranes, geo cells, geo mats,
culverts, non-woven, woven geotextiles, welded two-axis geogrids,
electruded two - axis, one-axis, woven, asphalt gratings, straw, coconut rugs,
3d grid, drainage geocomposites, bentonite clay ActiMat, R-Mat,
geocomposite, culverts, drainage systems, gabions, restoration of reinforced concrete structures, mortar, mastic, dry mixtures, materials for crack,
joint sealing, materials for building facade renovation, fittings protection,
chemical barrier to stop moisture, lime mortar, final plaster,
fiber-reinforced flexible mortar, polymer - cement fixotropic mortar,
creamy emulsion, auxiliary materials for monolithic concreting,
heat bridges, curved fittings, expansion joints, floor anchors,
remaining molds, working seams, elastomeric tapes, tapes, Adeka ultra,
Amphibia, Bibond, Biflek, Sanofer, TEGOLA, Volteko.