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  1. 42103049460
  2. LV42103049460
  3. 11.01.2010
  4. Liepāja, Namdaru iela 6A, LV-3405
  5. 2018


Bogema Lingerie Maternity, a lingerie manufacturing company in Europe that will find its unique niche and specialized offering for pre-natal women. It includes swimwear, cotton nightgowns and home wear, corrective linen. Our products are beautiful and modern, created with the idea of pregnant women and mothers. Women who value beauty, comfort and functional qualities. Being a mom is so beautiful! If our products are colorful and stylish, they are made from natural materials, but industrially processed. 


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mom lingerie, pregnant women underwear, expectant mothers lingerie,
lingerie for nursing mothers. Bras for new moms. Linen with silver ion coating.
Antibacterial cotton, lingerie for pregnant women, swim-suits, tanning suits,
robes, t-shirts, nightgowns, bed linen, pajamas, shorts, tops. Designing
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Baltic women's lingerie, women's underwear from Baltics, Lingerie produced in Latvia,
GOTS, Organic cotton, Made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton,
RADĪTS LATVIJĀ! made in Liepaja.

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