Butina, UAB


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Since 1996 JSC „Butina“ specializes in structural steel construction manufacturing. Our producing potential is 150-200 tones of constructions per month. The company has a design – constructing office, structural steel constructions for technical project and CMD (constructions metal, detailed) to prepare. Our main manufacturing production is various structural steel constructions, needed for industry and civil development. The production is organized by the technical document of the construction STEELWORK AND DETAILS CONSTRUCTION’S INSTRUCTION GT 123506029-01:2005. The proceeding of design is organized by construction instruction‘s of the company ST 123506029.01:2006.Welding work performs welders, assessed for structural steel constructions office „Technical regulatory place“.We write quality conform declaration by LST EN 45014 for retentive framework steel constructions and give 10 years (for hidden) or 5 years (for visible) guarantee.JSC „Butina“ reside in Engineering Industreis


painting of metal, Metal processing, structures from metal, metal constructions production, building of bridges, building of viaducts, Shot blasting, metal welding, anticorrosive coating, design of constructions, manufacturing of stair, manufacturing of fences