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  • EUR 438189 / 2019
  • 13
  • Belarus, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Russian Federation, Sweden
  • Producer

Legal data

  1. 40103975228
  2. LV40103975228
  3. 08.03.2016
  4. Rīga, Slokas iela 52, LV-1007
  5. 2019


The company was founded in 2003. For more than 10 years we have been successfully manufacturing paper packages, bags and polygraphic production. In this area, we can be reasonably regarded as one of the largest manufacturers in Latvia and Europe. We produce advertising paper bags and food packaging, boxes, catalogs, calendars, envelopes, corporate folders, letterheads, gift cards and other printing and publishing products. Thanks to the quick response and flexible pricing policy, our printing house is chosen by many advertising companies. We always offer the most favorable solution in regards to the price-quality ratio - attention to the customer is one of the "BV Pack" priorities. We have proved ourselves as a reliable partner in many EU countries and we are continuing to expand our activities geography. 


Printing services, paper bags, packing wrapping, bags. Bags, packaging,
boxes, printing. Paper bag, (bag) production, printing services.
Packaging. Box manufacturing. Hot printing with foil. Paper, cardboard laminating.
Cardboard boxes, box, Paper bags for tea. Packing for food, bottle boxes,
boxes, packaging for cosmetics, medicine, pharmaceutical packaging,
boxes. Gift micro-corrugated cardboard, cardboard boxes. Relief embossing.
Cardboard wrapping. Metal ring installation: paper bags, bags, calendars,
POS materials, for various parts stapling. Embroidery, paper-bags,
paper bags. Catalog production, brochures, calendars, (walls, table)
business cards, envelopes, greeting cards. Complex company printing service.
Designer services, posters. Cardboard and paper cutting, folding.
Puzzle production. Posters, (poster) stickers, labels, price tags,
tags, invitations, posters, wobblers, gift cards, self-copying blanks,
annotations, instructions, notepads, magazines, company blanks, folders,
envelopes, postcards, booklets, flyers, flyers, books, catalogues,
envelopes for CDs, covers, advertising matches, floor stands, table stands,
(stand). Booklets, booklet, folders.

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