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Campo, LTD, Boat rental
Campo, LTD, Boat rental
Campo, LTD, Boat rental
Campo, LTD, Boat rental
Campo, LTD, Boat rental


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Business data

  • EUR 45152 / 2023
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  • Distributor, Producer

Legal data

  1. 40003498501
  2. LV40003498501
  3. "Swedbank"
  4. LV28HABA0551001533180
  5. 14.06.2000
  6. 08.01.2008


Since 2000, we have been offering boat cases in stores and also for rent, but since 2012 we have also been manufacturing boats and providing design and engineering services in the composite industry.

In our offer:

Technical design, CAD / CAM service, CNC milling, master models and dies, boat production, boat rental and water tourism equipment.



Technical design, CAD/CAM service, CNC milling, boat rental, rowing equipment and boat shop, Water tourism equipment rental, Boats, boat production and trade, canoes, kayaks, fishermen boats, RIB boats, paddles, vests etc. Boat and cutter design, designing, composite part manufacturing using vacuum infusion technique, 3D CNC milling( 1500x5500x700) making master models, matrix production, sports and camping equipment, Inflatable boats, rafts, rafts, tents, sleeping bags, kayaks, catamarans, tents, Safety belts, wetsuits, wet suit, transport, Information about routes, trip organizing down the rivers in Latvia and abroad, Travel along rivers, Boat rental, boats, boating