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  5. "Kuldīgas šoseja 6", Druva, Saldus pag., Saldus nov., LV-3862


Capillary watering, Mineral fertilizers, Soluble mineral fertilizers. Sale of horticultural goods. Agriculture equipment. Plants and seeds. Capillary irrigation. Kverneland tractor machinery. Agricultural machinery and tractor equipment trade. Parts of agricultural machinery. Strawberry mulching film. Agricultural machinery spare parts. KVERNELAND equipment. Kverneland machinery spare parts. Delivery of spare parts. Soil preparation and sowing. Plows Kverneland. Mounted plows. Semi-mounted plows. Simple plows. Plows, ( ploughshares, ploughshare, chisels, chisel, field board, mould-boards, field board knife, sharing-plough breast, sharing-plough ploughshare. Cultivators. Mounted cultivators. Trailed cultivators. Stubble harrows. Grain sowing machines. Corn sowing machines. Inter-row cultivators. Disc harrows. Compactors. Agrofilms. Strawberry mulching film, agricultural nets. Irrigation equipment, devices. Watering. Capillary irrigation, ( strawberries, raspberries, vegetables, for flowers in pots) . Corn seed, seeds, PIONEER, winter rape, rapeseed, seed. Rents, rents corn sowing machine, ( seeding-machine, ( seeder) rental) . Liepaja Kuldiga, Tukums, soluble mineral fertilizers, fertilization through leaves.