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Boating. Gauja
Boating. Gauja
Kayak vista
Canoe Roto Viking
Boating. Salaca
Boating. Salaca
Boating. Salaca
Boating. Salaca
Sup boards


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  5. "Karateri 2", Salacgrīvas pag., Limbažu nov., LV-4033


WELCOME TO RENT BOATS CIEKURLAIVAS! Rental of canoes and kayaks and SUP boards for boating in Salaca, Gauja, Brasla. We offer you to rent double canoes and kayaks for a great leisure time in nature with family, friends or work colleagues. We also offer to rent SUP boards for leisurely or sporty and attractive river and nature enjoyment along Latvian rivers, lakes and other bodies of water.


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