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Automatic barriers
Swing gate automation
Sliding gate automatics
Garage gate automation
Garden lighting
Vehicle number plate reading system
Parking screen
Parking lot barriers
Car tire stops
Wall and corner protectors
Anti-burglary safes
Data safes
Laboratory cabinets
Exclusive safes

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  • EUR 404465 / 2023
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  • Distributor, Importer

Legal data

  1. 50103599351
  2. LV50103599351
  3. 23.10.2012
  4. 23.10.2012
  5. Pakalniešu iela 11 k-21, Rīga, LV-1024

About the company

Company "Consumo" was founded in 2012. and brings together specialists with more than ten years of experience in the field of security control solutions, as well as work with the installation of gates and barriers. Thanks to the company's long-term experience, we offer only products from the best European manufacturers in the product range. This allows our customers to quickly find and choose the highest quality and most appropriate security control solutions for the specific situation. The greatest value of the company is an experienced, kind and responsive team that provides professional advice in every situation. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding "Consumo" the products offered, their purchase, delivery, installation and use.


Anti-burglary safes

Anti-burglar and fireproof safes

Fireproof safes

Weapons and ammunition safes

Safes for small valuables

Safes in accordance with SAB and NATO requirements

File cabinets

Data safes

Key safes

Money boxes and deposit safes

Laboratory cabinets

Wise safes

Exclusive safes

Individual safes

Safes and armored doors

Safe delivery in Riga

Safe delivery in Latvia

Safe depositing and anchoring

Advice and support on any problems that may affect the safe

Safe emergency opening



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