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Overhead cranes, gantry crane
Bridge crane
Synthetic slings
Chain winch
Pallet trucks
Bridge crane
Rising magnet
Control panels for telefer cranes, bridge cranes
Chain sling
Hooks, chains
Hooks, chains


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About us

LTD "Cran-EX" is the official representative of an Italian company "MISIA PARANCHI S.r.l. - HOISTS & LIFTING SOLUTIONS", which has been offering professional industrial lifting equipment to the world market for 30 years: bridge cranes, cranes, mobile cranes, hoists and supply systems. This type of equipment can be operated in open areas, as well as indoors in the range of different temperatures.

It is also possible to install cranes and hoists in hazardous areas in accordance with the relevant regulations.



  • Chain slings, slings
  • Synthetic slings, Slings
  • Rope slings, Slings
  • Electric hoists, hoist
  • Bridge cranes, crane
  • Pallet trucks
  • Hydraulic trolleys, ROHLA
  • Hydraulic jacks
  • Crane radio control
  • Hoist controls
  • Beech cranes, beech crane



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