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Sale of timber materials
Timber imports
Wooden house production
Wooden house production
Wooden house production
Wooden house production
Wooden house production


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Business data

  • EUR 3754267 / 2023
  • 42
  • West and Central-West Europe
  • Netherlands
  • Exporter, Distributor, Producer, Service provider

Legal data

  1. 40003325051
  2. LV40003325051
  3. 21.01.1997
  4. 17.06.2003
  5. Atpūtas iela 4, Rīga, LV-1002


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Sale of timber materials. Glued wood( wood) articles, ( skirting boards, windows, profiled beams), particle( shingles) pellets, chip, briquettes, fuel. Lumber and their products. Building materials and their trade. Timber chemical treatment. Transport( transport) services. High pressure impregnation, planing, calibration, milling with profile. Fence and garden elements. Scaffolding boards. Export, eksports. Latvia, Latvia, Baltics, in Latvia, Letonia. Timber imports, eksports. Logistics. Wooden houses, wooden house production, trade. Individual house projects, wooden garden houses, finished wooden houses, Wooden houses made in Latvia. Ecological wooden houses, houses. Sauna wooden house production, trade in Latvia. Export. Eksports.