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Dāliju gumi
Dāliju gumi
Gladiolu sīpoli
Jāņogu sarkani ķekari
Ķīnas ķirši cudozemiec
Persiku stādi harcot
Prunus serrulata kiku shidare sakura
Puķu stādi
Sīpoli magnolia rustica rubra
Ziedi dārzam


  1. +371 29110006
  2. +371 26672045
  4. Janvāris - aprīlis:Sat(9.00-13.00)
  5. Marts - septembris:MonTueWedThuFri(9.00-18.00) Sat(9.00-15.00)
  6. Oktobris - decembris:MonTueWedThuFri(9.00-17.00) Sat(9.00-11.00)

Business data

  • EUR 121701 / 2022
  • 5
  • Distributor

Legal data

  1. 40003841173
  2. LV40003841173
  3. 17.07.2006
  4. 17.07.2006
  5. Pupuķu iela 13, Rīga, LV-1076


"DALSS & CO" offers a wide range of products for your home, garden and hobby. You can buy the necessary goods without leaving your home, office, cafe. Internet shop "Dalss & Co" is the most suitable place for this purpose. Buy quickly and easily - easy and efficient filtering system, purchase and payment of goods without registration, receive the goods without long waiting.



Garden and home goods. Ornamental plant trade. Home textile.
Online store www. dals. eU. Ornamental plant nursery “Pupuķi”.
Possibility to buy in the online store. Coniferous trees, spruce, pine,
junipers, ives, cedars. Deciduous trees, maple, linden, magnolia, oaks,
hornbeam, willow, japanese cherry trees. Fruit trees and shrubs, redcurrant, blackcurrant,
gooseberries, actinidia, blackberry, cherries, apricots, peaches,
vines. Roses. Perennials in pots. Phlox. Grass. Herbs.
Seeds. Bulbs. Tubers. Rootstocks. Decorative flowers. Garden fertilizer.
Company “Flovorit” fertilizer. Peat. Decorative stones. Glass pebbles.
Granite chips. Boulder. Watering systems. Plant supports.
Fences. Basketry. Garden furniture. Garden curbs. Home textile.
Towels. Robes. Curtains. Bed linen. Blankets. Cushions. Household goods.
Boilers. Pans. Kettles. Kitchen utensils. Auto&Moto goods.
LED dekori. Decorations and ornaments. Mushroom mycelium. Landscape architecture and design.
Garden and planting design, installation, service.
Lawn installation, care. Crown formation of trees and shrubs,
care. Topiary creation. Off-site consultations.