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About us

LTD "Dārza ABC" engages in online retail and wholesale of garden products and household goods, offering a wide assortment of seeds, bulbs, fertilizers, plant care and protection products, as well as household items - both for adults and children( games, toys, constructors, puzzles) . Evaluating the needs and wishes of our customers, as well as market demand in the Baltics, we have created a line of plant care products, Dārza ABC "POWER OF GARDEN", providing a wide selection of products for plant care from germination to harvest. "Dārza ABC" the basic principle of operation is to provide both existing and new customers with the best product offer in the industry.



We offer wholesale customers the best assortment of products, flexible pricing policy and appropriate solutions for the customer's needs, thus ensuring long-term cooperation. If you would like to become our wholesale customer, please contact us "Dārza ABC" sales specialist by writing an e-mail:


Covered with garden ABC products

  • Seeds
  • Onions, onion flowers, gums
  • Seedlings, strawberry plants
  • Fertilizer
  • Garden care
  • Soil, peat, substrates, mulch
  • Agricultural films, films
  • Flower pots, baskets, boxes
  • Tools for garden
  • Household goods
  • Cultivation aids
  • Garden ceramics
  • For children in the garden
  • For relaxation in the garden
  • For celebrations
  • For health and well-being
  • For gifts, gift cards



Tools. Tools. Construction materials, industrial goods, household goods, garden goods, clothing, footwear, haberdashery, stationery, toys, electric goods, gifts, flowers, sports goods Indoor plants, seeds, seedlings, artificial flowers, candy bouquets, glass articles, vases, flower pots, ceramics, candles, car, greeting cards, gift bags, pumpkin seeds, lawn, seeds, tomato varieties, tomato seeds, flower plants, strawberry plants, garden flowers, flower seeds online, seedlings, soil, dishes, plastic products, clothing, footwear, tools, household chemicals, Seeds - vegetables, vegetable, tomatoes, cocktail tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, ox heart, zucchini, cucumbers, patty pan squash, rondini, marrows, melons, watermelons, carrots, beets, radishes, peas, sugar Beets, sowing peas, green manure, rye, fodder radish, white mustard, summer flowers, lobelias, ageratum, saxifrage, alyssum, arabic, armory, asters, pansies, fescue, balsam, begonias, begonia, bees, brown eyes, zinnias, cineraria, irons, cornflowers, heuchera, iberis, primula, gentians, hate, card roses, nasturtium, xeranthemums, shoes, snapdragon, lavatories, gillyflower, limonia, flax, lobular, lupins, poppies, mardaji, basilicas, thyme, thyme, marjoram, chamomile, night candles, carnations, strawberries, nemesia, nemophilous, nigella, obliterated, acorns, yarrow, perillas, monkey mouths, daisy, daisies, corneas, immortelle, black-eyed Susan, cuttings, rodgersia, sage, marigolds, sunflowers, scabies, silver gears, knotweed, schizantes, dill, hyacinth beans, flower beans, silver gears, tobacco, triceps. Spring rolls, verbena, veronica, violets, whiskers, hare's tail, dry flowers, winter asters, blue pods, clover, clover, green manure, nectar plants, mushrooms, mushroom seeds, mycelia, mushroom growing kits, oyster mushrooms, shiitake, mushrooms, redheads, caps, bekas, doubtful, Bulbous flowers - begonias, begonia gum, dahlias, freesia, ixies, gladiolus, i won't, acidantera, decorative bulbs, amaryllis, anemones, flowers, crocuses, pushkin, snowdrops, white watches, italian countryside, erantes, gundegas, eremuri, scillas, fritillary, blue gloves, camassim, steernbergian, sorrel, daffodils, hyacinths, pahiacntes, iris, lilies, tiger lilies, lily of the valley, muscari, belevalia, peonies, parrot tulips, lakshi, forest circles, agapanti, broken hearts, poppies, phlox, daylilies, hostas, herbaceous climbing plant, godetia, gasania, gipsen, helenia, heliptera, heliotropes, crocosmia, miscanthus, bulb planter, planting baskets, Small bulbs, summer garlic, winter garlic for planting, Plant care products - burgundy, burgundy, green soap, copper vitriol, iron syrup, anti-moss agents, against moles, against water rats, against mice, against powdery mildew, against mold, sulfur, disinfectants for greenhouses, pots, seedling cassettes, pots, ratsbane, mice poison, against earthworms, against mayfly larvae, against colorado, Fertilizer, fertilizer, fertilizers, soluble fertilizers, rooters, microbiological fertilizers, lignosilicon, liquid, soluble, granular, autumn, for additional fertilization, through the leaves, composters, Beauty care - means for body care, for face, for hands, neck area, decollete, for the bath, bathhouses, horse grease, herbal ointment, Products for health &; for well-being - alpine medicine, devil's horseshoe, cannabis, horse grease, warming horse grease, the cooling horse grease, hair shampoo, Decorative cosmetics - mascara, eye shadows, eye liner, waterproof cosmetics, cosmetics, eyebrow cosmetics, cosmetic accessories, cosmetic sponge, beauty blender, Developmental toys - educational toys, constructors, domino, loto, board games, kinetic sand, natural plasticine, plasticine, children's puzzles, learn the alphabet, wooden puzzles, learn to count, Soft toys - soft things, soft pillows, children toys, puzzles, Cleaning products - professional, for premises, windows, for bathroom, for kitchen, for cellar, Household goods - for canning, for freezing, for storage, glass jar lids, gloves, Fokin's planer, berry harvesters, garbage bags, goods for pets.