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Hotel Daugavkrasti
Accommodation in Jekabpils
Hall with a stage in Jekabpils
Conference rooms in Jekabpils
Catering in Jekabpils
Rooms for weddings in Jekabpils
Well-equipped rooms in Jekabpils
Bright rooms for family recreation in Jekabpils
Cozy rooms in Jekabpils
Seminar hall for up to 200 guests in Jekabpils
Hotel on the bank of the Daugava in Jekabpils
Conference rooms in Jekabpils hotel
Comfortable rooms in Jekabpils
Spacious rooms in Jekabpils
Double rooms in Jekabpils
Hotel in Jekabpils


  1. +371 65231232
  2. +371 29480662
  4. Monta Radionova


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Business data

  • EUR 154993 / 2023
  • 10
  • Service provider

Legal data

  1. 55403007361
  2. LV55403007361
  3. "SEB banka"
  4. LV82UNLA0009004467037
  5. 28.05.1999
  6. 16.09.2004


Hotel "Daugavkrasti" is a hotel with a wide range of services, recognized as a cultural and historical heritage of the Soviet era, with a beautiful view of the Daugava, which is located just a few meters from the hotel. The hotel can accommodate up to 80 people.



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