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Timber trucks in Madona Daugavlici
Forest removal Daugavlici
Forestry Madona Daugavlici
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Business data

  • EUR 1896739 / 2020
  • 8
  • Service provider

Legal data

  1. 45403012816
  2. LV45403012816
  3. 19.01.2004
  4. Madonas nov., Aronas pag., "Augstkalni", LV-4847
  5. 2021


Ltd. Daugavlīči carries out the purchase of forest properties and felling sites, logging services, logging and delivery with timber trucks.


Logging, logging, sawer services, forest cutting, forest draw, overgrown removing,
forest purchase, purchase of forest property, purchase of forests,
purchase of felling areas, buying of felling sites, purchase of round timber,
round timber purchase, purchase of logs, forwarder services, timber haulers,
haulage services, timber transport services, log hauler.