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Leveling the territory
Dangerous tree cutting
Territory improvement
Bush( overgrowth) sawing, chipping
Metal cutting works
Freight transport
Dismantling works


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Business data

  • EUR 390890 / 2022
  • 10
  • Service provider

Legal data

  1. LV53603081301
  2. 29.03.2018
  3. Priežu iela 7, Alejas, Ķekavas pag., Ķekavas nov., LV-2111
  4. 2022

Company description:

"DemEko" carries out dismantling of all kinds of buildings, constructions, industrial facilities, metal structures, landscaping, tree and shrub cutting, dangerous tree cutting, general landscaping. Performs dismantling, asbestos disposal, beautification, management, cleaning works in a short period of time and with high quality. Cooperation with the largest waste processing and management companies. Our motto is to take care of a safe, tidy, well-arranged environment.


Important to know:

"DemEko" the company has a waste management permit no. RI22AA0006. The permit allows the transportation of hazardous waste and its transfer to a landfill. We are registering the state information system for waste transportation accounting( APUS) .


Our service priorities:

1. Dismantling works and cleaning of the territory; . Sawing of trees, bushes and general landscaping, logging services; . Asbestos( in thermal insulation, slate) management - dismantling and disposal of ASBESTOS; . Metal cutting works.



Building demolition, Dismantling works, dismantling, demolition, dismantling. Territory cleaning, dismantling works, garden houses, houses, buildings, sheds, industrial buildings. Leveling the territory, gliding, bottom elevation, soil removal. Territory cleaning, excavation works, land alignment, purification, leveling works. Digging, ground milling foundation, sewage system, the creation of water facilities, as well as root digging and milling, we utilize excavated tree roots of any size. Demolition of metal structures, cutting, dismantling, demolition. Renovation, renovation. Building, building, renovation of production facilities, renovation, demolition, renovation. Tree cutting, Dangerous tree cutting, dangerous tree cutting, arborist, arborists, arborist services, arborist works, dangerous tree cutting in cemetery, cemetery tree cutting, tree, crown care, sawing at home, buildings, dangerous tree cutting, dangerous trees, In Riga, In Riga District, all over Latvia, dangerous tree cutting in Latvia, tree sawing, sawing in hard-to-reach places under power lines, freeing power lines from branches, branch cutting, harvesting from broken broken trees, tree branches, felled trees, eliminating storm damage, dangerous tree cutting, building block courtyard, zaļās zonas, workplace improvement, cleaning up public areas. Tree, bush cutting, undergrowth cleaning, trimming, scavenger, building a common landscape, improvement, landscape design planning for small private facilities, as well as planning works of large industrial areas. Block of buildings, inner courtyard, zaļās zonas, workplace improvement, cleaning up public areas. Tree crown formation, pruning, sawing, tree cutting. There are lifts, special equipment. Wood utilization, chipping, stump, root milling, utilization. Forest cutting, young stand care. Full cycle logging, milling works, young stand care. Bush( overgrowth) sawing, chipping. Clearing the area of overgrowth, wood residue( chip) utilization. Sawn wood of the area's vegetation, we can help with implementation. Heating main chimney, chimney, heating unit, pipeline dismantling, dismantling, demolition. Metal structure( hangars, metal frames, etc) dismantling, dismantling, demolition, dismantling, dismantling, assembly. Dismantling of dangerous structures, utilization. Asbestos disposal, utilizing, removal, collection, liquidation. Handing over the slate, Asbestos dismantling, Slate removal, Slate disposal, Slate dismantling, Asbestos disposal. Dismantling works, asbestos, removal of asbestos structures, slate, sifer, Slate. Asbestos( in thermal insulation, in the slate), management, dismantling and disposal. We manage slate and all types of objects containing asbestos fibers, dismantling, dismantling, utilization. Metal structure( hangars, metal frames, etc) dismantling, dismantling, demolition, dismantling, dismantling, assembly. Dismantling of dangerous structures, utilization. Dismantling works, Metal cutting, metal cutter. Cutting into scraps, armature, armature, electric motor, electric engine, metal object, outdated, old equipment demolition, metal pipeline utilization, bridge tap, bridge crane dismantling, demolition, dismantling, ship, ship cutting, cutting, crane, dismantling of chimneys and other complex industrial objects throughout Latvia. We cooperate with all the largest scrap metal recycling and purchasing companies in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.