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  • EUR 2519360 / 2022
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  2. LV40003995726
  3. 26.02.2008
  4. 26.02.2008
  5. Rīga, Krišjāņa Barona iela 20, LV-1050

Dentistry in Riga

Dental clinic "Dental Art" offers the opportunity to perform all the most important and necessary dental procedures in one place under the guidance of highly qualified specialists.

We offer dental prevention, dental restoration, dental surgery, dental implantation and aesthetic dentistry procedures, as well as dental hygiene and whitening, dental sleep treatment and orthodontic services - teeth straightening with both braces and braces.
Before starting the treatment, we provide a detailed consultation, perform X-rays and examinations in order to draw up a detailed treatment plan, where you can see the progress of the treatment step by step and plan the costs.

Our clinic employs high-class dental specialists who use the latest dental methods and technologies in their work with patients - scanners, lasers, microscopes and 3D X-rays.


Flexible working hours

For the dental clinic "Dental Art" have flexible working hours. On working days, the clinic can be visited from 9: 00 to 21: 00, on Saturdays until 17: 00 and on Sundays - by appointment.



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