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  3. 24.05.2002
  4. Rīga, Elizabetes iela 75, LV-1050
  5. 2019


SIA Dental Studio was established in 2002 and provides all kinds of dental services. In our clinic you will always be cared for, you will feel comfortable and comfortable. The friendly staff will create an atmosphere where you can relax from the routine of everyday life - we will take care of you. We will be glad to see you at Dental Studio - a professional master's studio. 


Dentistry, children's dentistry, oral hygiene, teeth whitening, orthodontics,
restoration, teeth restoration, aesthetic dentistry, all types of prosthetics,
dentures, dental prosthetics, stomatology, surgery, dental treatment,
dental treatment, price range: dental treatment from 30 EUR, teeth whitening from 40 EUR,
oral hygiene from 40 EUR, consultation from 10 EUR, children therapy from 10 EUR,
extraction of teeth 30 EUR, tooth extraction, we work with insurance companies,
working with If, we work with Gjensidige, Larisa Hristoļubova, dentist,
dentists, prosthetics, all types of dental treatment, hygiene, teeth correction,
bite, fixing, children dentistry, children dentist, for children and adolescents,
therapeutic dentistry.