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LTD "DHS" is the official representative of the Finnish company Soft Protector Oy in Latvia. We offer high quality innovative products "SOFTCARE", "HYGISOFT" and "DESISOFT" . In today's chemical world, there is a growing demand for products that do not contain harmful impurities. As a distributor together with manufacturers, we stand for nature- and consumer-friendly products and want to show the way to a clean environment and safe use of these products.


Disinfection. Animal disinfection, disinfection for animals. Surface protection means. Disinfectants. Furniture care, surface care, cleaning products. Chemical goods, hygiene products, hygisoft, desisoft, softcare care product. Care, cleaning, detergent. Cleaning, care product for furniture, protective product for leather furniture, disinfection, hygiene, disinfectant, chemical products, chemistry, professional processing, disinfection treatment, surface protection treatment, treatment, protection. Furniture, fabric, surface protector. Upholstered furniture, leather furniture, carpet protection, care, cleaning products. Furniture processing, care. Surface, skin care. Leather cleaning, care products. Shoe care, protection products. Anti-fungal, against mold, anti-allergy product. Disinfectant for swimming pools. Disinfectants for swimming pool water, pool disinfectants, surface disinfectants, disinfectant for surfaces. Animal disinfectants, disinfection. Carpet, leather, textile, wood, plastic, plastic, bed, couches, mattresses, footwear. Garden furniture care, cleaning. Sports clothing care, protection. Products for protect from moisture. Protection against dirt, against mold. Protective clothing. Hand cleanser. Animal equipment care, accessory care, disinfection, cleaning. Disinfectant, cleaning products for pets. Animal cage, pet traps disinfection, cleaning. Cat, dog disinfectants. Yacht, cutter, car interior care. Yacht, motor-boat interior care. Care, cleaning products for yachts, motorboats. Ecological laundry, bIO, biological, eco, universal, clothing detergents. Detergent for silk linen, pile, wool, underwear, multi-layer clothing, for sports clothing. To prevent clothing colouring. Product against clothing colouring, wine, for ink stain cleaning. Stain cleaners. Care products for plastic, plastic wicker furniture. Antiperspirant deodorant, DO2, deodorant with antiseptic action. Mountain crystal, ecological, eco, DO2, mountain crystal, DO2 antiperspirant, natural deodorant. Deodorant for whole body, against perspiration, foot deodorant. Disinfectant, spray deodorant. DO2 rock crystal, for intimate hygiene, deodorant for intimate area, anti-mould agent for construction, for removing mold, for removing mold from roofs, for removing mold from walls, mold removal products for tombstones, antifungal treatment agent, antifungal treatment agent with long-term protection against microorganisms, antifungal treatment agent with long-term protection against bacteria, antifungal treatment with long-term protection against viruses, antifungal treatment agent with long-term protection against fungi and their spores, delivery with OMNIVA, OMNIVA delivery.