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Hangar repair, Diavers
Hangar repair, Diavers
Hangar repair, Diavers
Hangar repair, Diavers
Hangar repair, Diavers
Bituminous shingles, Diavers
Bituminous shingles, Diavers
Bituminous shingles Sateka, Diavers
Bitumen shingles repair, Diavers
Bitumen shingles repair, Diavers
Bitumen shingles repair, Diavers
Bitumen shingles repair, Diavers
Tile, Diavers
Eternit asbestos-free slate, Diavers
Eternit slate, Diavers
Priming, Diavers
Roof rainwater drainage system, Diavers
Roof washing, Diavers
Painting, Diavers
Parapets, Diavers
Chimney connection, Diavers
Chimney connection Chimney cap, Diavers
Suuna, Diavers
Tray, Diavers
Gutter and drain, Diavers
Rolled profile covering, Diavers
Rolled profile roofing and gutters, Diavers
Rolled profile galvanized, Diavers
Rolled profile Chimney installation in tin, Diavers
Rolled profile Roof window installation, Diavers


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  4. Mazā Nometņu iela 59A, Rīga, LV-1002
  5. 2022

About us

We repair all types of roofing. In case of acute problems, time does not matter - we will eliminate it as soon as possible. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if necessary - also on holidays. We are a company that aims to give customers more than they demand. Satisfied and happy customers give us satisfaction for the work done. We may not be a big company, but we are a small company dealing with big things.


  • Roof repair
  • Roofing replacement and installation
  • Roof care and maintenance
  • Roof painting
  • Building roofs management
  • Ordering and delivery of materials for your roof
  • Rainwater drainage system installation and repair
  • Installation and repair of chimney connections
  • Chimney and ventilation outlet connection repair
  • Installation and replacement of chimney caps
  • Joint waterproofing, installation of roof windows and hatches, installation, insulation
  • Parapet production and installation



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Roof insulation works. Melting roll material installation work. Tin-fitting
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facade, chimneys.