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designing light systems
sound, installation of lights and movable stages in concerts
designing light systems
designing stage mechanics
designing stage mechanics


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  5. Ezera iela 40 – 52, Balvi, Balvu nov., LV-4501


LTD "Diogens audio" provides sound, light, mobile stage installation services at concerts, music festivals, city festivals and other cultural events throughout the Baltics, as well as sells sound and light equipment and provides their service, designs and assembles stationary sound and light systems for clubs, cultural centers, churches, sports complexes, shops, etc.


Sound, light, stage equipment, removable stages sale, rent( rental) installation, repair, service. Stage structures and mechanics. Stage podiums, lifting racks. Installation works. Concert, festival, celebration, event, disco technical support, sounding, organizing. Sound equipment. Sound equipment. Sound equipment. Acoustic systems, sound amplifiers: Amate audio, LD System, Adamson, db Technologies, JBL profesional, Qsc, RCF, YAMAHA, Behringer, CROWN, Alto, Nexo. Audio interfaces. Midi controllers. M-AUDIO. CD players: Denon, PIONEER, TASCAM, Omnitronic. Guitar effect processors, recording equipment: ZOOM. Guitar amplifiers, combos: Fender, MARSHALL, Orange, Ampeg, EDEN. Microphones, Wireless microphones, Radio systems: Audio-Technica, DPA, Sennheiser, SHURE, AKG, Mipro. Mixing consoles: Allen&; Heath, Soundcraft, YAMAHA, MIDAS. Sound processing processors: dbx, Drawmer, BSS, tC Electronic, TC Helicon, Klark Teknik. Sound audio interfaces: Lexicon Pro. Studio monitors: Adam, Jbl, YAMAHA. Audio installation equipment: Apart audio. Microphones, headphones: AKG, Audio-Technica, Beyerdynamic, SHURE. Conference systems: Audio-Technica, BOSCH. Light equipment. Moving light installations: ROBE lighting. Dimmer blocks, DMX dividers, splitters: Acustica, ZERRO 88, Na. Light equipment: Eurolite, Showtex. Light control panels: ChamSys. LED floodlights: Cameo, Eurolite, Griven. Spotlights: DTS, Spotlight, Stairville. Laser equipment: LPS-Lasersystem. Cables: PRO CAB, Schulzcable, Klotz, Sommer cable, AdamHall. Musical instruments. Drum cymbals: Paiste. Guitars: Harley Benton Squier, Washburn, FENDER. Percussion, Kettle drum, Bells, Marimbas: ADAMS. Synthesizers, digital piano, electronic drums: Yamaha, Rolands, KORG. Stage equipment. Stage fabrics and dance floors: Gerriets, Showtex, Cronenberg, JC Joel. Stage mechanics, winches: Winwood, SVERO. Telfers: JDR lifting, Chainmaster. Aluminum truss, stage podiums, mobile stages: Alustage, EUROTRUSS, GlobalTruss, Mobil Stage. Acoustic systems stands. Instrument stands. Microphone stands: Athletic, Kö night &; Meyer, AdamHall. Plastics for drums and percussion: REMO. Guitar strings: GHS, Martin&; Co, Daddario, FENDER, Elixir, Rotosound. Connectors: Neutrik, Rean, Schulzcable. Materials for transport boxes: Adam Hall.