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Legal data

  1. 45103000466
  2. LV45103000466
  3. 30.09.1992
  4. 24.09.2004
  5. Spodrības iela 2, Dobele, Dobeles nov., LV-3701

LTD "Dobeles komunālie pakalpojumi" provides the following services:

Waste management industry:

  • collection and transportation of dry municipal waste;
  • debris container rental and removal;
  • sorted waste disposal( pet bottles, polyethylene, cardboard, paper, glass bottles and jars) ;
  • hazardous waste acceptance( collection of electrical and electronic waste, fluorescent lamps, lead-acid batteries, car tires) ;
  • portable toilet rental.

Road industry:

  • asphalt concrete pavement repair;
  • gliding of streets and roads with gravel pavement;
  • cleaning streets and roads from snow;
  • mechanical road spreading;
  • pavement construction;
  • mechanized lawn mowing;
  • transport services( bulk cargo transportation, bulldozer, excavator and front loader services) .

Green sector:

  • lawn mowing;
  • planting arranging and care;
  • installation and care of flower plantations;
  • tree and branch cutting;
  • land milling.

Janitorial industry:

  • mechanical street and square sweeping;
  • sidewalk and driveway cleaning;
  • lawn cleaning.


  • cemetery management;
  • funeral hall rental.

Sorted waste disposal.



Grave digging services. Pavement construction. Asphalt concrete pavement construction. Car grader services. Spreading with anti-slip materials. Lawn mowing, lawn mowing, tree cutting. Territory care. Mechanical street and square sweeping. Street and square road cleaning from snow. Waste removal, debris container rental and removal. Large-size waste collection. Household waste, electrical and electronic waste collection, daylight lamps, lead accumulators, batteries, tyres, roof slate. Sorted waste collection from residents, pet bottles, films, cardboard, glass bottles, jars, waste paper. Freight transport - container. Funeral hall rental, burial place care, frontal loader services, grave curbs and cases. Greening, dry tree cutting, lawn mowing. Sorted biodegradable waste sheets and grass without any other waste impurities, wood( branches) environment hazardous waste( paints, their packaging, dangerous packaging, motor oil, oil filters, lawn cleaning, sidewalk and driveway cleaning, cemetery maintenance services, mourning hall and cold room rental, land milling, tree and branch cutting, installation and care of flower plantations, planting arranging and care, lawn mowing, asphalt concrete pavement repair, gliding of streets and roads with gravel pavement, cleaning streets and roads from snow, mechanical road spreading, pavement construction, mechanized lawn mowing, collection and transportation of dry municipal waste. Debris container rental and removal, sorted waste disposal, hazardous waste acceptance, portable toilet rental. Clothing and footwear management, biological, garden, park, kitchen waste. Residents of private homes are offered sorted waste( lightweight packaging - used paper, cardboard, plastic, tin cans and bottles, jar of glass) collection.