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Agriculture equipment
Agriculture equipment
Agriculture equipment
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Grain pretreatment equipment
Grain pretreatment equipment
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New agricultural equipment
Used agricultural machinery
Used agricultural machinery
Used agricultural machinery
New agricultural equipment
New agricultural equipment
New agricultural equipment
Agricultural machinery service
Agricultural machinery service
Agricultural machinery service
Agricultural machinery spare parts
Agricultural machinery spare parts
Agricultural machinery spare parts
Agricultural machinery spare parts


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About us

Dotnuva Baltic helps farmers implement innovative solutions that meet everyone's needs and increase the value of their farm. LTD "Dotnuva Baltic" is an agricultural machinery trading company, which was founded in 2010, and currently has around 50 employees. LTD "Dotnuva Baltic" for the parent company UAB "Dotnuva Baltic" ( Lithuania) has more than 20 years of work experience, and the company is part of AB "Linas Agro Group" in a concern that unites companies located in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Denmark.


Agriculture equipment, SERVICE AND SPARE PARTS

Case IH, Kverneland, Cimbria, Irrimec, Kongskilde, Quicke, Jeantil, Agrifac agricultural machinery for sale - tractors, combines, ploughs, cultivators, harrows, seed drills, crop harrows, forage harvesters, telescopic front loaders, irrigation systems, manure handling equipment.

All sold equipment meets the safety and environmental protection requirements of European Union legislation.



New, used agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery trade, rental, lease, agricultural machinery service, spare parts, tractor equipment, tractors, grain, crop harvesters, soil processing machines, forage preparation machinery, sprayers, seeding-machine, mowing equipment, trailers and semi-trailers, mineral fertilizer spreaders, storage tanks for diesel fuel, wood chipping machines, livestock machinery, grain pretreatment equipment. Agricultural machinery in Valmiera, Rūjiena, In Mazsalaca, In Cesis, In Smiltene, In Sigulda. The official CASE IH tractor machinery, harvester, representative in Latvia and Estonia. Tractor trade, original spare parts, guarantee service. Spare parts, trade, delivery. Tractor, grain combine spare parts, parts. Kverneland plow components. Tractors with a mechanical fuel injection pump.

The largest model has a maximum power of almost 670 hp. The only Quadtrac 350-620 tractor with a unique four-track chassis. Soil processing machines: Kverneland, EINBÖ CK plows, cultivators, harrows. KVERNELAND soil compactors. EINBÖ CK sowing control harrows "Aerostar rotation", meadow and pasture restoration and control technique - for sowing grass, for establishment of new meadows and pastures
. Mounted plows KVERNELAN: 150S, ED, ES, EG, EO models, complementary parts: shells, support wheels, ploughpoint, ploughshares, chisels, disc knives, body knives; KVERNELAND plowshares - with bar, plastic and extended blades. Plowing depth 15-30 cm. Reversible plows.

Harvester. CASE IH harvester original spare parts with supply. Grain pretreatment equipment, grain towers, driers: ARSKA, ( Finland) drying equipment, stationary, portable mobile dryers. Shaft type grain dryers Cimbria designed for all types of grain, wheat, barley, rye, oatmeal, buckwheat, rapeseed, soybean, corn, and for other bulk commodities drying. CIMBRIA grain conveying equipment
, chains, scoop, belt conveyors. Grain conveyors. Mobile grain conveyors, ( screw) Kongskilde DGC. KD-4000 h grain cleaning equipment. FLAT GRAIN TOWERS "BIN" . Grain temperatures, humidity measuring devices, measuring devices. AFS - agricultural management systems for precision tillage. Navigation systems for farmers. Seeding-machine. FlexCart seed-fertilizer multi-trailer. Kverneland universal seeder U-Drill, trailed mechanical seed drills KVERNELAND MC-drill, pneumatic seed drills I-drill, S-drill, DA, OPTMA, TS-EVO. Forage preparation machinery for cattle-breeding. Feed dividers, mixers SILOKING. Mowers KVERNELAND TAARUP rotor swathers, rake tedders, rakes. CASE IH wall press with variable, fixed camera. Bale wrappers Kverneland. Stacking-loading equipment. QUICKE front loaders are suitable for all tractors from 50 up to 335 ZS. Quicke, ( Sweden) representative since 2003. annual. Manure forks, roller clamps, pallet forks, silage forks, Big Bag hooks. Schä ffer, ( Deutz Turbo Common Rail, Kubbota engines from 50-80 ZS) loaders for compact class agriculture, for cattle-breeding, for gardening, for fruit production, for communal farms. Plant protection sprayers. Self-propelled sprayers AGRIFAC Condor; KVERNELAND mounted sprayers RAU-IXTER, trailed sprayers IKARUS S, iXtrack A, iXtrack B, iXtrack C, ( compact design, low center of gravity. Spacious tank: from 2400 l to 5000 l. Mowing equipment. Spearhead StarCut, MULTI CUT, TWIGA mulchers rugaines, for lawn mowing, for ditch mowing, for pasture care, care of overgrown areas, ( power lines) . Trailers, semi-trailers. WIELTON AGRO, GÜ STROWE, ( Germany) offers qualitative semi-trailer grain, fertilizer, seed, straw rolls, silage, for transportation of animals. Semitrailers for bulk products, hay rolls. Classic, two-axis, pRS 3-way type 2-axle agricultural trailer with 6 - 14T lifting capacity for bulk loads, Tandem axle type trailers, hay and straw bales and bale towing platforms, tipper trailers Halfpipe. Two-axis agricultural platform PRS-2S/S9 and PRS-2S/S12. Designed hay and straw rolls, for the transport of bales and, in certain cases, long horizontal loads. Lifting capacity 9T and 12, 5t. Folding endboard system allows to increase platform length. By installing vertical posts on the platform as a stop, can carry BigBag bags. Fertilizing equipment. JEANTIL ENO FIRST EPAN fertilizer, manure spreader, spreaders, ( 10-15m3) ( 14-23m3) professional 23-27 m3 volume and 16 - 20 t load capacity. Slurry barrel, tank Jeantil Gti volume from 4 500 to 10 500 liters, 8 500 to 24 000 liters. Single-axle, two-axle, three-axle tanks. Spreader spray width from 9-13m. Mineral fertilizer spreaders. Kverneland Exacta TLX GEOSPREAD, Exacta EL, CL, CL-EW, HL, TL-GEO. High-class Isobus mineral fertilizer spreader with automatic weighing and calibration system - weighs material in the hopper, the data is compared to the set seed rate and according calibration. Refueling tanks, storage tanks. Double wall tanks are made of MDPE polyethylene, for diesel fuel, heating fuels, kerosene storage. Available models are with volume: 2500 l, 3500 l, 5000 l, 7500 l and 10 000 l. SWIMER fuel storage tanks comply with PN-EN 13341 standard. IRRIMEC irrigation systems, lawn, ganību, gardening, for fruit-growing livestock farms
. AKCELA oils, motor oils, lubricants, dzesēšanas šķidrumi, transmission, hydraulic, brake oils. Silage roll wrapping film AGRIWRAP ECO, RANI PLAST, ( Finland) . Agro tyres. Agricultural equipment tyres, tractor equipment tyres: MICHELIN, Kleber, BKT, FIRESTON.