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Business data

  • EUR 4970143 / 2022
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Legal data

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  3. 14.07.2011
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  5. Radžu iela 18, Rīga, LV-1057

About the company

LTD "Druplat" is an expert in the processing of various types of wood waste. Many years of experience in the processing of secondary wood allows us to provide the fastest and highest quality processing of the material in your area or at our sites.


DRUPLAT wood waste processor:

  • Confirmation of documents on properly processed wood waste
  • Shredding of wood waste on our site or yours
  • Collection of wood waste in containers
  • Separation of metal impurities with Doppstadt
  • Crushed wood - wood chips trade



Waste processing, waste processor, wood waste, wood waste processing, secondary wood processing, containers, separation of impurities, recycling of wooden packaging, processing of wooden boards, processing of log scraps, cable reel recycling, processing of railway sleepers, processing of wooden poles, processing of peat bog stumps, recycling of garden and park scraps, processing of wood waste separated from construction debris, Druplat waste recycling.