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About us

Dude Bikes - a shop for city motorcyclists. Dude Bikes motorcycle shop offers classic, cafe racer, scrambler and adveture motorcycles, motorcycle accessories and motorcycle clothing from specially selected global brands.

2015. in 2007, we, two classmates, had the idea that there are people all around who want to ride a motorcycle but have not yet received the rights of motorcyclists. One of us also did not have the right to moto, but had a dream about a motorcycle. This is how we found Mash - good-looking classic-style French motorcycles with the widest variety in the 125 cm3 class - from modern classic, cafe racer and scrambler to dirt track-style motorcycles. We traveled all over Europe in a minibus to bring the first eight Mash motorcycles from France to Latvia. Currently, there are more than 400 happy Mash riders in the Baltics, many of whom have become mutual acquaintances or even friends. The range of Mash motorcycles has also grown, offering more powerful motorcycles and scooters with engines from 250 cm3 to 650 cm3.


Success creates new opportunities.

2020. in 2017, our third team member joined our team, so that we could all prove together that the world of motorcycling does not belong only to men, the smell of gasoline, black leather jackets and traffic noise. Since 2021, Dude Bikes motorcycle shop also offers motorcycles of the historic Italian motorcycle brand Moto Morini in the Baltics - both city naked and scrambler style motorcycles, as well as adventure motorcycles from 650 cm3 - 1200 cm3. The original electromoto SUPER73, a California lifestyle brand that combines motorcycle heritage and youth culture, is available for adventure in the city. However, the love for the classic motorcycle is not neglected. FB Mondial and Brixton have also joined the Dude Bikes product range - street, motocross and flat track style motorcycles from historic Italian and Austrian motorcycle manufacturers.


Clothes and accessories

The moto clothing and accessories we offer stand out with style. With us you will find original Bell helmets, Spanish brands By City and Fuel Motorcycles, Italian brand Holyfreedom, whose motorcycle clothing and equipment will be easy to use as casual clothing, without compromising on the necessary safety. Our special collection from Pando will bring urban style vibes to the moto lifestyle and more.



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