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Separating and sound insulating mats
Cement and concrete fillers
Decorative fillers for walls and floors
Shower channels ladder pads and accessories
Tile profiles for floors, walls, stairs for LED lighting
Tile profiles for floors
Tile and natural stone adhesives
Tile seamers and silicones
Floor and parquet adhesives
Floor fillers and levelers
Structural deformation joint profiles
Rainwater channels and grilles
Moisture resistant construction plates
Profiles for PVC and LVT design coverings
Surface drainage mats and slab supports
Putty and repair mortar for walls and facades
Water and electric heated floors


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Business data

  • EUR 183 854 / 2020
  • 4

Legal data

  1. 40103838659
  2. LV40103838659
  3. 22.10.2014
  4. Lomonosova iela 14 – 40, Rīga, LV-1019
  5. 2020


Our main activity is wholesale and retail of high quality construction materials and systems. We assemble goods for the needs of both private individuals and professional construction companies. We value our customers and therefore offer our customers a product or solution we are sure of. Our team will provide you with consultations on the materials we offer, their properties, implementation nuances and help you choose the necessary solutions. Our material suppliers are among the world's leading manufacturers of construction materials and construction chemicals: Schluter-Systems KG, Gutjahr Systemtechnik GmbH, MIGUA Fugensysteme GmbH, ARDEX.


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