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Combined water filters
Mechanical water filters
Filters for household appliances


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  • EUR 220032 / 2020
  • 5
  • Producer

Legal data

  1. 40103360994
  2. LV40103360994
  3. 27.12.2010
  4. Rīga, Vestienas iela 2, LV-1035
  5. 2020


Water filters manufactured under the trademark “Junkors filtri” are products of Ltd. Eirofiltri. These filters have been manufactured in Latvia for 20 years. The filters have been tested at the Regional Environmental Board's Environmental Laboratory and tested at the National Center for Environment and Health.


Filters for drinking water. Mechanical water filters, combined water filters.
Chemical water filters, Euro filters, Junkers filters, (Junkors filters)
water treatment. Water softening. Filters for iron clearing. Combined
water filter with quartz sand „Balts Extra”, Akvedukts. Mechanical
element + active carbon, silver, ionic resin, polyphosphate salts.
Universal water filter for drinking water. Filter for water with iron,
cartridges, calcareous, calcareous water, water supply, plumbing.
Production, trade, wholesale. Water filters produced in Latvia. filters
for drinking water.