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wiring construction
professional electricians
wiring measurements


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  • EUR 143406 / 2022
  • 2

Legal data

  1. 40203309609
  2. LV40203309609
  3. 13.04.2021
  4. Slocenes iela 4, Tukums, Tukuma nov., LV-3101
  5. 2022


Electrical installations, construction of electrical installations, electrician.



Wiring, construction of electrical installations throughout Kurzeme, In Latvia, In Tukums, Kandava, In Liepaja, In Talsi, In Jurmala, In Riga, Ventspils and other cities, professional electricians installation of private and legal objects, repair, electrical measurements - Insulation resistance test, electric equipment, earthing device and earth wire continuity resistance measurements, thermographic measurements with a thermal camera, loops "phase - zero" taking measurements, electrician services - construction of electrical installations, repair of electro installation, wiring measurements, mains damage prevention, heating automation, solar battery installation, object inspection, Solar panels, Electrical solar panels in Tukum, solar panel installation, solar panel design, solar panel prices, solar panels for private houses, best solar panels, solar cells Electrical, solar panels, solar panels for apartment buildings, hybrid inverter, grounding of solar panels, connection of microgenerators, electrical, solar energy, solar energy solutions, solar panel calculator, solar energy solutions for businesses, solar panel calculator, electric solar panels, solar panel systems, how much do solar panels cost, solar panel power plants, solar kits