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  3. 15.10.2010
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  5. Zemnieku iela 32, Liepāja, LV-3401


LTD "Elektrodi" is a welding, metalworking equipment and materials wholesale and retail company established in 2010. year. After several years of successful operation Ltd "Elektrodi" have strengthened their position in the market. The specialists of our company are able to find individual solutions for each client's complicated problem. The company represents world-renowned brands. We are able to implement the customer's wishes from the idea to post-warranty care, providing service and training for the equipment we supply. From 2014. the company has branches in Riga and Liepāja, but our sales representatives operate throughout the territory of Latvia.



Trade, service, consultations. Equipment for welding and cutting, welding materials and accessories. Ventilation, air treatment and conditioning equipment. Current and welding generators. Stationary and mobile compressed air compressors. Cutting and polishing tools. Work safety equipment. Electric and pneumatic tools. Vacuum lifters, manipulators. We represent such world's leading brands as: ESAB, ABICOR BINZEL, Tyrolit, GenSet, 3M, HBS, Harris, Kiswel, ATLAS COPCO, Milwaukee, Hugong, Globe, FIMER, Kuhtreiber, Sherman, Spartus, Gold, MOST, Fronius, MILLER, Parweld, Mark, WELD-TECH, Kemper, SWP, KÜ HTREIBER and others. Welding equipment, cutting devices, inverters, electrodes, welding wire, ventilation systems, generators, abrasives, cutting and polishing tools, welding masks, work safety means, electric tools, pneumatic tools, blades, vacuum lifters, welding semiautomatic device, plasma cutting machines, gas cutting torches, hoses, cables, reducers, hand tools, compressors, Spare parts, respirators, threaded stud welding equipment, ( contact, point) burners, grinding and cutting wheels, bars, compressors. Metal-working machinery. Ltd. Elektrodi, welding machines. MMA equipment, MIG/MAG equipment, TIG welding, Plasma cutting machines, Welding burners, Trolleys, Welding accessories, Point welding equipment, Welding generators, TIG rods, Tungsten electrodes, Cutting electrodes, Ceramic coasters, Cutting discs, Polishing discs, Leaf discs, Fibro discs, Milling cutters, Chemistry for metalworking, Gloves, Respirators, Work clothes, Masks, Goggles, protective clothes, Aids, Gas cutting machines, Gas cutting equipment, Bandsaws, Mobile suction equipment.