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Leisure activities
Recreation by the nature
Overnight stay in Kraslava
Atpūta gleznainā vietā
Rest in a picturesque place
Fireplace hall
Accommodation in Krāslava
Guest house
Relaxation near nature in Krāslava
Guest house in Kraslava
Leisure activities
Camping in Krāslava
Celebration rooms in Krāslava
Family rest
Camping place
Sauna in Kraslava
Camping in Latgale
Rest in Latgale

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It is located in a quiet, secluded place, surrounded by a forest. Fireplace hall. Celebration room. Bath-house. Toilet. 3 living rooms( for 10 persons) . Pond, you can fish, boat, children's playground. Picturesque car routes through the forest( in winter and summer) . Terrace, observation tower, you can pick mushrooms, berries. Rest for a family. Romantic recreation.



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