Legal data

  1. 40003012798
  2. LV40003012798
  3. 02.08.1991
  4. 09.04.2003
  5. Krustpils iela 119, Rīga, LV-1057


Power, electric materials, electric equipment, production, electrical distribution,
electrical distribution equipment, compact transformer equipment,
cabins, metal articles, metal structures, metal cabinets, cloakroom closets,
gas distribution cabinets, electric control cabinets, automation cabinets,
cable switching cabinets, lighting cabinets, industrial control cabinets,
industrial control cabinets, industrial substations, power transmission elements,
overhead line elements, portals, electric poles, lighting masts,
observation towers, outdoor disconnectors, pylons support constructions,
overhead line poles, iron towers, supports, voltage control systems,
electrical appliances for electrical circuits switching and protection,
distribution boards and safety boxes, electrical equipment panels,
electrical distribution boxes, protection container, fuse boxes,
control panels, electrical equipment panels, traverse, hooks, bolt-screws,
locks, distribution points, compact transformer substation.