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Design furniture
Hand work
hanging chairs

Working time

  • Sun1000-1600
  • Mon900-1800
  • Tue900-1800
  • Wed900-1800
  • Thu900-1800
  • Fri900-1800
  • Sat1000-1600

Business data

  • EUR 118958 / 2022
  • 1
  • Producer, Distributor

Legal data

  1. 45403055393
  2. LV45403055393
  3. 19.09.2019
  4. 19.09.2019
  5. Saules iela 29 – 2, Madona, Madonas nov., LV-4801

About us

ETNA DESIGN SIA was founded in 2019., shortly after we discovered this unusual material and its properties. The concept of using natural resources to create exclusive, handmade everyday objects inspired us to create a durable, bold and comfortable furniture collection that brings something remarkable and special to your home and life.

At ETNA DESIGN we share a passion for design, environmental responsibility and attention to detail, we value trust, effective teamwork and strive for growth, development and improvement with the aim of providing you with an innovative and quality product as well as overall service.



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