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Certificate of professional competence - ACCOUNTANT-AUDITORS
Certificate in the specialty of professional competence - ACCOUNTANT
License to provide outsourcing services in ACCOUNTING.
Accountancy services
A reliable accountant in Riga
Business accounting services
certified auditor
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  3. 13.02.2014
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  5. Slāvu iela 25 – 15, Rīga, LV-1073


Your priority is business management - and we will take care of your company documents and your business growth. Full cycle of accounting support from A to Z from a certified reliable accountant-auditor.


Top priorities:

  • Accounting outsourcing from EuroFinances.
  • Your priority is company management - and we will take care of company documents.
  • Full accounting support from A to Z from a certified accountant-auditor.
  • A certified accountant will prepare the annual report for submission to the SRS and the operational report to the banks in a timely manner( for example, for leasing), will put things in order on current issues and keep your nerve cells healthy.
  • Accounting reports are not only a requirement of the law - it is a tool that shows the real situation in the company, maintains order in economic activity and business. With their help, the company manager can make informed decisions and thus save money and time.
  • Our specialists are up-to-date on the latest changes in legislation, regularly update and renew their knowledge. EuroFinances will ensure that the company is ready for all inspections, as you will no longer need to collect missing documents in emergency mode. We will help your business earn, grow and develop.
  • The financial statements have been prepared based on the laws of the Republic of Latvia, the requirements of regulatory acts and International Accounting Standards.



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, calculation of sickness benefit. Choice of accounting policy and accounting strategy. Preparation and submission of statistical reports. Cost optimization for more efficient use of resources. Accounting and tax advice.