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Hangars, ready-made hangars from sandwich panels
Installation of sandwich panels
Industrial modular constructions
Industrial modules
Hangars, ready-made hangars from sandwich panels
Industrial modules, LTD "Europanels"
Modules, modular structures LTD "Europanels"
Sales of modules in Latvia LTD "Europanels"
Modules, module assembly LTD "Europanels"
Industrial modular constructions
Installation of sandwich panels
Sandwich panel screws
Water drainage system
Roof coverings ThermaBitum
Metal constructions
Panel assembly works
Polyurethane plates
Cold chamber doors
C profile ZN
Polyurethane sandwich panels
Foam plastic sandwich panels
Sandwich hangars
Sandwich panel modules
Modules, modular structures LTD "Europanels"
Modules, modular structures LTD "Europanels"
Modules, modular structures LTD "Europanels"
Modules, modular structures LTD "Europanels"
Modules, modular structures LTD "Europanels"
Modules, modular structures LTD "Europanels"


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About us

LTD "Europanels" is one of the basic companies in the Latvian market, whose activity is related to the production, sale and assembly of all types of sandwich panels and their products, as well as the sale of ready-made insulated hangars from sandwich panels with or without assembly. Products from "Europanels" offer were recognized in a professional environment, as evidenced by the Gold Medals of Europe's largest fair: International Construction Exhibition BUDMA in Poznan and International Agricultural Machinery Fair AGROTECH in Kielce. New. LTD "Europanels" offers compact sandwich panel mobile homes. Their size is 35m2. Mobile homes can be purchased both ready-made( standard), and custom-made and tailored to the customer's needs. The movable sandwich panel houses can be used for living, as a summer house, as a place of business or as an office.



One of LTD "Europanels" the main directions are the sale of insulated hangars made of sandwich panels. We offer to buy a hangar with a finished construction project( AR and MK parts) at fixed prices. Our company can assemble all the necessary material for independent assembly by the client himself or offer a hangar assembly and our assembly "zem atslēgas" . If necessary, our experienced architect will develop an individual project for the specific needs of the client.
The frame of the hangar is made of hot-dip galvanized metal pipes resting on concrete footings. PIR sandwich panels with a thickness of 100 mm are used for the insulation of the roof and walls, which allows you to be sure of the heat resistance of the hangar and the rigidity of the structure, since snow and wind loads are calculated. Each delivered hangar is accompanied by a technical project.


Modular constructions is companies "Europanels", one of the leading European sandwich panel manufacturers, specialized department. Through many years of experience working with this material, our company has acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to build objects of all kinds of complexity from sandwich panels. The appearance of quick-to-install modular constructions from sandwich panels is very modern and interesting. Modular constructions made of sandwich panels are a practically non-alternative solution in many spheres that require increased fire safety, good thermal conductivity, mechanical strength, resistance to the effects of an aggressive environment. Today, objects of various purposes are built according to this technology. products are manufactured in Latvia and sold not only in the Baltics, but also in Scandinavian countries and Finland. is the only specialized company in Latvia that designs and manufactures industrial module structures of sandwich panels.



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