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Creditworthiness certificate
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Security systems
Voice alarm systems
Safety systems
Safety systems
Safety systems
Safety systems
Safety systems
IP Video surveillance
Conventional fire protection systems
Access control systems
Fire safety systems

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Business data

  • EUR 7524598 / 2022
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  • Service provider, Distributor

Legal data

  1. 40103163503
  2. LV40103163503
  3. 14.04.2008
  4. 14.04.2008
  5. Zilupes iela 4A, Rīga, LV-1019

About the company

SIA Evidence Network was founded in 2008. has become a leading company in the field of video surveillance, access control, conventional and addressable fire safety, voice alarm notification, and other professional security systems in Latvia. The company's subsidiary operates in the territory of Lithuania. The advantage of the company is its experience and highly qualified specialists.

  • Wholesale of security systems and video surveillance systems
  • Quality and professional warranty and post-warranty repair
  • Professional, experienced technical support team
  • Security system training, coaching and seminars

Evidence Network SIA is one of the largest distributors and wholesale sellers of security system equipment in the Baltic region.


Goods and offers

  • IP video surveillance equipment and accessories
  • HDCVI / AHD camcorders and recorders
  • Media and switches
  • Displays and monitors
  • Conventional and addressable fire safety system panels, detectors
  • Security systems
  • Access control systems
  • Audio and video intercom systems
  • Voice alarm systems
  • Integrated systems
  • Cables, alarm wires, boxes, fireproof fasteners
  • Batteries and power supplies
  • Trainings, seminars and trainings for clients



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TELETEK and INIM conventional fire panels, TELETEK MAG and INIM SMARTLINE conventional fire safety systems,
detectors TELETEK SensoMAG, System Sensor smoke detector, ECO1003 A,
Panasonic heat detector, 6295, 6296, 6297, 6298, Panasonic detector for potentially explosive atmospheres, detector Xtralis smoke detection emitter OSE-HPW,
SIEMENS flame detector FDF241-9, FireRay beam detectors, conventional buttons TELETEK SensoMAG, Zennera barriers, Address fire protection systems Panasonic,
Schneider Electric, SIEMENS Cerberus PRO and TELETEK, Fire safety control panels Panasonic EBL512, Schneider Electric FX 3NET and FDP221,
SIEMENS Control Panel FC722-ZA, TELETEK SIMPO, TELETEK IRIS, address detectors,
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