Failas Abbasovas Zvērināta advokāta birojs, LTD

Failas Abbasovas Zvērināta advokāta birojs, LTD

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Legal services
Faila Abbasova, sworn advocate, guitar pick


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Faila Abbasova - sworn lawyer, mediator with more than 15 years of experience. Before that, I have gained experience in the specialty of lawyer, working in various fields. I have been a Certified Insolvency Administrator for 10 years. The experience gained so far has given me the opportunity to get my views on various disputes and to create new case law.



  • Consultations: civil rights; administrative law; criminal law; in the field of insolvency; commercial law.
  • Preparation of procedural documents: for court: claims, appeals, cassation complaints, ancillary complaints; in the insolvency proceedings: submissions, creditors' claims, debt settlement plans, complaints, etc.
  • Representation: representation in court; institutions; inheritance cases; in the insolvency proceedings; in settlement negotiations, etc.
  • Other services: closing and managing various transactions; preparation of documents for registers; due diligence.
  • Mediator services.



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