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Door fittings
Door handles
Door handles
Door handles
Brushes for sealing, with and without profiles
Decorative hinges
Falling, automatic thresholds
Window handles with locking or closing
Window handles for PVC and wooden hinged casement windows
T-shaped historic window handles
Historic door handles
Historical window handles


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  5. 15.06.1991
  6. 17.05.2004

About us

"Fermeris ITF" offers a wide range of keys, hinges, stops, closers, latches, seals, access systems, master key systems, doors, windows, full glass, gates and related fittings. A wide range of forgings. Elements of railing systems.



The delivery of goods is carried out within the borders of Riga at no extra charge, the order reaching 121, - euro. Usually the order is fulfilled within 1 or 2 days.


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The privacy policy provides information on how "Fermeris ITF" collects, processes, stores, shares, deletes and protects the Client's personal data, thus ensuring that the Client's personal data is processed legally, in good faith and in a transparent manner for the Client.
The current version of the privacy policy is published on the Fermeris website, in the Privacy Policy section.



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