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Pilot school "First Fly" started its operation in 2006. year. Its founder, Anatolij Perekriostov, is a professional and experienced pilot-instructor since 1986., and is also one of "Baltic Bees Jet Team" - the first civil aviation senior pilot group in the Baltics - members. Wanting to share his knowledge, skills and experience, he decided to open his school to give everyone who wants to see the world from a bird's eye view the opportunity to fulfill their dream and learn to fly an airplane independently. Pilot school "First Fly" under the guidance of experienced pilot-instructors, you will learn basic knowledge about aviation and practical skills to fly the aircraft yourself. After completing a full training course, you will receive an ultralight aircraft pilot's license, which will allow you to travel freely throughout the European Union and gain new, unforgettable impressions and positive emotions.


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