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FITO preparations in Sigulda
Spēka lāse
Cellular tissue
Fito preparations
Stinkhorn gel
Sirds spēknesis
Body rejuvenating tea
Chaga infusion FITO preparations
Chaga infusion FITO
Chaga infusion
Liver guard


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Business data

  • EUR 19015 / 2023
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Legal data

  1. 40103071660
  2. 26.11.1992
  3. 13.08.2004
  4. "Avotiņi", Rozula, Stalbes pag., Cēsu nov., LV-4151
  5. 2023

About the company

We have been known in Latvia since 1992., when based on ancient knowledge about the use of natural resources to improve well-being and health, SIA was created "Fito preparāti" unique recipes. From the beginning until now, the preparation of the products has been done by hand, which ensures consistently high product quality. Almost all ingredients are grown, collected and purchased right here in Latvia, in cooperation with organic farms, local entrepreneurs and just good people. Our products have won the trust of customers both in Latvia and beyond its borders. Satisfied customers are the highest reward for the work invested. We are sure that by using the opportunities and resources provided by nature, any of us can not only maintain, but also improve our well-being and health!



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