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  3. 20.01.2021
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  5. Salnas iela 21 – 375, Rīga, LV-1021

About the company

There is always a solution- any task, technical problem can be solved using qualified specialists, technologies and material and technical resources. "F-MAN" SIA provides fire safety solutions in accordance with the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Lithuania, which, after evaluating the situation in the facility, prepares a set of preventive measures to improve the fire safety situation in order to reduce the risk of fire outbreak.


"F-Man", SIA installments:

  • Development/updating of fire safety documentation( evacuation plans, fire safety instructions, orders) ;
  • Design/maintenance/installation of fire protection systems;
  • Practical and theoretical lessons( instruction) in the field of fire safety;
  • Fire safety audit of facilities;
  • Fire safety solutions;
  • Legal services.



Fire protection services, Fire protection products, Fire safety technical service, Evacuation plan drafting, Online training, Security services, first aid services, Occupational safety services, occupational health services, Science, technologies, engineering, Evacuation plans, Fire-extinguishers, Fire safety equipment, Autonomous detectors, Fire protection systems, Fire safety documentation.