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  • EUR 370471 / 2022
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  3. Luminor Bank AS Latvijas filiāle
  4. LV30RIKO0002013141445
  5. 08.09.2009
  6. 08.09.2009

About the company

The company provides several types of transportation services using rail, road, sea and air transport. The company's specialists develop individual logistics schemes for sending cargo, combining different modes of transport. For companies, experienced employees ensure fast and safe cargo transportation and transshipment.

We offer:

  • Customs, export, import
  • Customs brokers, filling out TIR Carnet, issuing TIR Carnet
  • Import, export, transit procedures
  • Cargo declaration, domestic customs clearance, customs clearance
  • Customs document preparation
  • Customs accompanying document filling and processing
  • Issuance of TIR carnet, Cmr, EXA IMA
  • Import, transit procedures, export, transit procedures, cargo declaration, customs documents, customs accompanying documents, transit cargo
  • Representation of clients in customs



Customs, customs brokers, TIR Carnet filling, TIR Carnet processing,
import, export, transit procedure, cargo declaration, declaration,
customs clearance inland, customs clearance, customs document management,
decoration, customs accompanying document filling in, decoration,
imports, eksports, transit, TIR carnet, Cmr, EXA IMA processing,
transit cargoes, representation of clients in customs, transport logistics,
warehouse logistics, transit through Latvia, freight consolidation,
brokers in port area, expedition, customs clearance, customs brokerage services,
security, public customs warehouses for EU goods, warehouses with rail drive, frozen products transportation, movement,
transportation, fish products transport, meat transport,
milk transportation, imports from Europe, imports from Asia, export to Russia,
exports to the CIS, exports to Belarus, exports to Kazakhstan,
exports to Ukraine, deepwater dock, tracks, railway supply.
Shipment in Europe, to Azerbaijan, to Estonia, to Kazakhstan,
to Russia, to Latvia, to Lithuania, to Moscow, to St. Petersburg,
to Turkmenistan, to Central Asia. Container transshipment, cargo insurance,
natural resource tax reports, thermal regime cargo transport,
door to door, refrigerator freight transportation, freezer.
Dangerous, gauge, large size, groupage. Warehouse space,
warehouses, cross-docking, fishmeal reloading, road transport.
Car, sea, rail freight. Forwarding. Air,
water, sea transportation. Logistics, logistics center in Latvia,
In Riga. Consultations in logistics, chain, solutions, services,
company, company, companies. Railway transport, piece goods,
sea container shipments, freight transport, logistics companies in Latvia,
clearance through customs, warehouse, warehousing services,
land transport, international freights, transport, water transport,
food storage in refrigerators, transportation of products in the cold store,
international cargo transportation, transportation, cargo document processing,
freight package, equipping, customs declaration, bonded warehouse services, customs procedure processing, full container loads.
Storage of goods, loading, unloading, storage in customs warehouse.
Groupage cargo transportation, delivery, delivery services, transport services,
chartering, ship chartering, ship chartering services,
reloading, handling operations, goods distribution organization,
transit services, transportation to CIS, land freight transport,
emergency logistics, high-priority cargoes, dangerous cargoes,
export procedures, import procedures, imports and exports, cargo customs clearance,
freight forwarding, cargo customs clearance services, ship brokerage,
ship brokers, bulk freights, large-size, oversized cargo transportation,
multimodal freight transport, project cargo, project cargo management,
heavy freights.