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Kitchen utensils
Bar and restaurant supplies
Bakery ovens
Food industry equipment
Cooling and freezing chambers
Furnaces and equipment

Business data

  • EUR 5243803 / 2023
  • 14
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Legal data

  1. 40003791421
  2. LV40003791421
  3. 21.12.2005
  4. 21.12.2005
  5. Jaunā Līgo iela 31, Berģi, Garkalnes pag., Ropažu nov., LV-1024

About the company

LTD "GastroBurg" for more than 25 years, the Vitrum brand has been specializing in the complex equipment of restaurants, cafes, bars, canteens and food production companies of various formats, as well as in the organization of fast food companies. To date, our portfolio includes more than 5,000 successfully realized objects in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. When developing the project, our managers will respect the peculiarities of the room, the individual specifics of your company, develop technological and marketing recommendations specifically for your company, consider comfortable workplaces for the staff and create a comfortable area for visitors. The right equipment will help you diversify the menu, reduce costs and increase competitiveness. The Vitrum team will make your catering company successful!



Food industry equipment, meat processing equipment, fish processing equipment, bakery equipment, fruit, berries, vegetable processing equipment, packaging equipment, bar and restaurant supplies, kitchen utensils, thermoses and thermal boxes, table warmers and accessories, bar accessories, trays, dishes and cutlery, dishes for restaurants and cafes, wine and champagne glasses, display cases, heating appliances, convection ovens, bakery ovens, fermentation cabinets, pizza ovens, smoking equipment, ovens for baking potatoes, microwave ovens, cooking stoves, cooking pots, cooking surfaces, cheese warmers, product dryers, cooling equipment, cooling and freezing chambers, meat curing cabinets, refrigerators and freezers, horizontal freezers, refrigerators for drinks, ice generators, freezers for ice cream, ice cream showcases, ice cream making equipment, sushi showcases, wine cabinets, cold marmite, refrigerators and freezers for supermarkets, stainless steel furniture, floor scaffolding, electro-mechanical equipment, thermal mixers, rice cookers, vegetable peeling machines, dough mixers, dough dividers, meat grinder sieves and knives, meat saws, bone saws, sausage and sausage stuffers, fast food facilities, hot dog modules, sandwich modules, burger presses, fryers, bun warmers, kebab grills, chicken grills, pancake baking equipment, waffle makers, chocolate and sauce warmers, distribution showcase, distribution lines, bar equipment, dishwashers, terrace and garden furniture, warehouse equipment, disinfection and sterilization devices.