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Geo Eco Solutions, LTD
Engineering geology
engineering geological research
Static probing
Geo Eco Solutions, LTD
topographical survey
geodetic surveying
Geo Eco Solutions, LTD
Engineering geology
Geo Eco Solutions, LTD
sand gravel quarries


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  3. 22.12.2008
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  5. Ēveles iela 14 k-1 – 2, Rīga, LV-1013


"Ģeo Eko Risinājumi" the main fields of activity are geotechnical investigation and surveying services. Leading specialists with 15 years of experience. Individual approach to each client. We will offer solutions for any of your projects! Professional team. Licenses and certificates. Preparation of documentation.



Hydrogeological research. Engineering geology, engineering geological research. Static probing Boreholes. Groundwater, soil analysis, groundwater exploration. Geodesy. Geology. Deposit exploration. Stock calculation. Sand, sand-gravel. Quarrying, development projects, reclamation projects. Ponds, pond designing. Mineral deposit exploration, surveying, topography, building foundation inspection, well rinsing, sand gravel quarries, quarries, quarry inventory, environmental pollution assessment, monitoring, water supply, pump assembly, monitoring, monitoring boreholes, geoeco, geoecological research, spice, standpipe drilling, chasing, restoration. Basic sector Geology, geological research, geotechnical research, engineering geology, quarry research, deposits, development projects, water supply, monitoring, geoeco research, topographic and geodetic surveying, soil laboratory testing.