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Trade of tools

From 1997. geoStar LTD sells various types of instruments, services, repairs, rents, rents construction measuring instruments, provides consultations in the field of surveying instruments and technologies. The company offers professional TRIMBLE GPS receivers for cartography, GIS, forest area surveying and surveying. We offer the most modern RTK GPS sets with a controller and real-time corrections - VRS compatible technologies. Classic and robotic TRIMBLE tachymeters are offered for cadastral surveying and construction assurance. Geo-FENNEL optical and laser levels, digital theodolites, measuring wheels, rangefinders and other measuring instruments for construction works. We offer Vivax Metrotech and Seba KMT tools for locating underground communications, diagnostics and leak detection. Critical measuring instruments in construction - Schmidt hammers for concrete hardness determination and soil density determination, Beldornii penetrometers and the most modern falling weight deflectometers.



Levellers, Laser levellers, Theodolites, Calibration.
Measuring geodetic instruments, geodesy, cartography, topography,
astronomy specialized equipment,
measuring instruments,
leveller, optical levellers, laser rotating levelers,
laser leveler,

line projection levelers, digital leveler, digital level gauge,
computer theodolites, tachymetres, robotic tachometers, 3D
measuring instruments,
three-dimensional laser scanner,
laser scaners, GPS, GNSS, GNSS receiver kits,
field computers, controllers, laser rangefinders, laths, lath-measure, jelly rolls,
stands, three feet, prisms, measuring wheels, cable locators, communication locators,
georadar, machine control systems, unmanned aerial vehicles,
photogrammetric software, hydrographic instruments,
echo sounder, metal-detectors, moisture meters, metal detectors,
video inspection, communication inspection video cameras,
radio stations, moisture meters for wood, for concrete, for plasterboard.
Instrument service, check, calibration, repair. geofennel,
geo-Fennel, Trimble, Spectra Precision, Laser Technology, Vivax Metrotech,
SEBA KMT, OHMEX, SECO, DRC, TRAMEX, Motorola, BMI, ADA Instruments,
Terratest, Dirotec e. . NivComp, Englo, Starmeter Instruments.